Journal Comic?

And thus begins my journal comic: an assignment in Prof. Sweetwater's class. We had to journal something from our day, every day, for a month. Perhaps I underestimated the difficulty of such a task for someone with a really uneventful life...

I think this comic pretty accurately sets the tone for all my social interactions, really.

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Comment by Shazzbaa
Testing my new comments system!
posted at 1:52am on June 10th, 2008
Reply by Shazzbaa
Reply test.
posted at 2:11am on June 15th, 2010
Reply by rainycity1
Reply test response ;-)
Just curious as to whether you get notified when we make comments on the archives ;-)

and I'm a little surprised that you took your 'Vote' button off your page....
posted at 9:28am on June 28th, 2010
Reply by rainycity1
nevermind... the missing Vote button appeared to be tied to the missing TWC server....
posted at 1:44am on June 29th, 2010
Reply by Shazzbaa
Hahaha, I do indeed! I'm just a bit slow in responding sometimes. XD

I used to check the database myself for new comments, but it got a lot harder to do that as I got more readers and more comics, so Flak set up a notification system for me. I get an e-mail for every archived comment and reply!

And yes. The TWC button disappears sometimes when TWC goes down mysteriously. At least it's better than buzzComix used to be, so I can't complain. XD
posted at 11:16am on June 29th, 2010
Comment by pikachu
website portal test
posted at 10:43pm on September 29th, 2008
Comment by Shazzbaa
Yet another test comment!
posted at 11:36am on December 18th, 2008
Comment by Zylaa
=D Disney Villain superlatives are so much fun! Nice to know my friends/family and I aren't the only ones that do this.
posted at 12:09pm on January 14th, 2009
Reply by Shazzbaa
Oh, man, we gotta place Facilier on this now! I bet he gets "Best Dancer," just gonna say.
posted at 11:16am on June 29th, 2010
Comment by Shazzbaa
So it's another test comment, because that's what I use the first comic for.
posted at 3:58pm on November 14th, 2010
Comment by Ely
Just realized while reading through the archives, that I use that line comparing Hades to a used car salesman. XD Everything the subject of Greek myths comes up.
posted at 9:56am on March 31st, 2012

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