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As We Were
"As We Were," written by Kel McDonald, drawn by me! PG-13.

The Journal Comic Project

Want to see some of the other journal comics created for this project? Take a gander! (Browse at your own risk -- these are crazy college kids, after all).

"inkdick" by Pranas Naujokaitis

"Say The Least" by Jhazmine

"Spectral Biology" by Macarthur

"Four Panels of Life" by Ashley Vaughn

"Diary Panels" by Seana Bombard

"Complete and Utter Bullshit" by Elena Barbarich

"Bullpuckey" by Matt Rainwater

"Sweetwater Is An Asshole" by Jeremy "Sweetwater" Mullins

SCAD Friends and Allies

Friends and fellow SCAD kids who weren't in the Journal Comic project, but have cool stuff nonetheless! Check it out!

Sorcery 101
"Sorcery 101" by Kel McDonald

"Fungasm" by Leo and Ling

Kemet Kids
"Kemet Kids" by S. Phillips (aka Ya-chan)

Filtered Fuzz
"Filtered Fuzz" by Meghan Corbett

Dovecote Crest
"Dovecote Crest," drawn by Bridget Underwood and written by Hailey Bachrach

Daily Odyssey
"The Daily Odyssey" by Brett Muller

"Snow By Night" written by Eric Menge and drawn by Brittany Michel

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